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Hi everyone, my name is Z, and I'm part of an art collective planning an explosion of content over the internet. We're going to release dozens of social media stories and interactive games, centered around a beautiful movie we shot about two guys ruining each others' lives. It's art about the post-truth reality we are in, deepfakes, separating fact and fiction, the way we are destroying each other online, and more.We want to use viral marketing, movement building, grey hat SEO techniques, all the tricks in the book, along with some influencer marketing and paid spend, to create a cohesive story that builds audience quickly, finds them where they are, retains, retargets, and grows the audience.

I'm looking to talk to people who have some strategy ideas for getting as many eyes on this project as possible. Any ideas of strategies for this project, people I should talk to, or places I should look? Thanks!
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    I think you should try reddit both in terms of both gaining audience and finding people to support your idea and provide you tips about greyhat tactics. Yout topic has stayed her for a week without replies, based on what I assume that it did not caught a lot of interest in this community
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      So, what is your goal? To get the movie seen?

      On what social media are you releasing your content?

      Who is it you want to see your movie?
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    You've mentioned influencer marketing . . . that can be a great strategy if done well. As well as the influencer marketing platforms, there are influencer FB groups where you can contact influencers directly, and people who manage them etc.

    Also consider crowd-sourcing . . . if people love your project, they will be happy to promote it effectively, and you can give them some sort of reward for doing so.

    Another option is a contest, such as a give-away. If you can find partners willing to promote the contest (one option is to share the contest subscribers with them, so it's a list-building partnership for them), you can promote to a large number of people.

    Or find some cross-promotion partnership opportunities with people doing something related (but non-competitive).

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  • Upload your movie trailer on YouTube and Facebook, with a link to the full movie in the video description. If it's hot stuff, then it will usually go viral on its own if it connects with audiences.

    People share stuff that sends them on an emotional rollercoaster, or if the content is controversial. Even fake news spreads like wildfire on social media because it incites fear in people. If your movie has those elements in it then you'll have some success promoting it online.
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