How To Shift From A Local Audience To a Worldwide one?

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I have been recently contacted by an influencer to make educational English content on a new fee-based platform. She has a million followers. Most of her audience is situated in Egypt and in Arab countries where English is not a native language. (I am an Egyptian who writes English books but English is my native language because I was raised abroad). However, they do understand English. I will create social media accounts and a blog soon (all in English) and I want to accept the job because it will potentially drive traffic to both platforms. However, I have seen that most Egyptians or Arabs who have local audience NEVER manage to transition to a worldwide audience, even though some speak in English (To be fair, they usually add in Arabic and country-specific references). My target audience was initially English native speakers, and from then move on to a worldwide audience. While having an Arab audience is not going to harm me in general, it might not be the good start for my follower base. However, I never saw anyone do what I do. Should I accept the job? I feel like I should, but how could I transition to a worldwide audience? Note that there is a downside. Those who will initially get to know me are beginners in English until the platform is more advanced and is tailored to advanced speakers, who could be able to read my blog and books.

Is this a smart move? Should I accept the job?
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    You will never know unless you try. I've been catering to a world-wide audience for over 10 years now and it's amazing how well it works. Try it for, let's say, 6 months, then assess the results. Don't make any life long commitments. After that time it will be more clear for you and your influence friend if your partnership should go on.
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    I would definitely go for it. Sometimes to succeed you have to be the purple cow and stand out from your competition who may not be doing this. Give it a go and track your results
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