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Hello guys!

I was just wondering, which type of ads is your favourite?

Which one you think is the most profitable for your vertical?
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    I personally have tried pop and native. I have much better results with native. In the early 2000's I had success with Pop. I have not tried Push notifications, but it seems like many are succeeding with push. It is something I need to try because I personally respond to these type of ads when I see them.
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    In my opinion Pop up ads are the best and trendy nowadays.
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    Native is more Expensive, it brings in less traffic but is much better at turning visitors into conversions, Pop on the other hand is much cheaper but more annoying to visitors, it brings in more traffic, but bounce rate is very high, conversions are very low, that's just my personal experience. It depends on how you optimize each.

    On the other hand, I have never tried Push.
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    Pop up are indeed still very profitable.
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    Pop ads (both popups and popunders) can quickly ERODE your brand

    If you have a content funnel-based system, I suggest going with NATIVE ads

    Shortcut: reverse engineer existing advertisers - see what kind of pictures they pick and how they write their headlines

    ORIGINAL CONTENT: Only $0.005 USD per word
    Quality Bulk Content for Articles / Blogs / Websites
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