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I just created this blog that is based on information marketing for people willing to no more about CPA, Affiliate marketing and E-commerce.

What do you think is the best way to monetize this site? I have thought about google Adsense, but not sure it is the best choice.
Any recommendations please?
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    One recommendation is to promote affiliate products around the topics you are writing about. Do some research on their affiliate programs.

    For example, if you talk about ecommerce, review and recommend an ecommerce product like shopify or similar.

    You could also promote a drop shipping resource.
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    I would suggest that you convert the document into a pdf and password it. users can then access it at a small fee. I believe this way, you would make more money than relying on ad sense
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    If you don't want to jump into CPA, then CPM is your choice, adsense or other cpm companies.
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    Hello Adedayo,

    I'm not sure if you know this information already but your site
    has to be approved to participate in Google AdSense. You
    don't just put it on your site, your site has to be in compliance
    with all of their terms and conditions. Even if approved you
    probably won't earn so much from it either, it depends on the
    amount of traffic you receive. If I were you I would explore
    some additional options.
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    Of course, you can try google adsense, but you also can try to sell affiliate products in your niche, you can build a list by putting some optin form on your blog and send the lead magnet (some shot sweet, informative ebook) for people who put their email, this way you could build a list and promote affiliate products to them.
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    It will almost certainly be MUCH better to build an email list, than any other approach, and then you can test various different options.

    For example. webinars typically make several times more money per subscriber per month than low-ticket stuff, if your list has suitable subscribers (if you're not sure, then test it).

    And you can test the common low-ticket affiliate products as well.

    You can even test both and separate out your initial list into different lists of people which want different things . . . some people will be much more interested in the free webinar training, and others will mostly buy low-ticket courses (some might like both). You can see, by opens and clicks, which people like which option, then give them what they want.

    The great advantages of building a list include long-term contact with your subscribers, so they get to know, like and trust you (which makes them much more likely to buy from you), you can test different types of products and sales-methods and see what works best for your list, and, of course, and you can keep selling more stuff to the same people for years. All that adds up to MUCH more profit than trying to sell directly to people who visit your site.

    Think about it

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    I suggest joining different cpm networks.
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