Making my stimulus check work for me? Way to make more money with that check.

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Im more interested in using my stimulus check to work for me. What are some ways that I can turn that money into more?
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    Use the money to do paid FB ad campaigns.

    Do it right and you can turn every $1 you pay into $1.25 to $3 more in sales.
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    Nearly all answers to this question is likely to be far from ideal for YOU, personally.

    This is because each person has different personality and situation, so different types of online business will be suitable for different people.

    For example, creating an agency delivering online services such as SEO, social-media management etc. can be a great way to make big money fast. BUT unless you're a REALLY good sales-person, you are likely to never land any clients. (And to do it well, you need a bricks-and-mortar office).

    Or something I often see . . . newbies getting excited because they've found an affiliate program which pays $10,000 commission for a single sale. Then they spend a few hundred dollars on paid traffic, or a few months doing content and SEO, get no sales and think they've "failed". In reality, a good "rule of thumb" for paid traffic is that you have to spend 3 times the payout, for EACH test, and even the experts are likely to need to do many tests before finding a profitable funnel. So unless you've got well over $100k to spend on paid traffic for testing, you cannot KNOW whether what you are doing is working or not, for a payout like that.

    So I recommend starting with YOU . . . what experience, abilities, and interests do you have? What's your situation in terms of how much money and time you can invest, and what do you really want to achieve . . . are you happy with something like freelancing or agency work where your time is required to make money (that's really a "job") or will you only be happy with a real business (something which can be fully outsourced or sold)?

    Think about yourself, in this context, and be totally honest. Yes, some things can be learned, but why not start with the type of business which gives you, personally, the very best chance of success, because it aligns well with your current personality, situation, aims etc. ??

    Then be really honest when you look at different types of online business . . . ignore the hype and be very real about what is required to succeed. For example, anything that requires someone else to give you money personally, means you need good sales skills to succeed, however much the sales copy says "no selling required" etc.

    I hope this helps you get some real results from your investment !

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  • Steve use the money from your stimulus cheque to buy yourself food. That's what that cheque is for.

    If you're using it for anything else, then you really don't need more money do you?

    Do you have an online sales funnel already in place? If not, then are just going to be wasting that stimulus cheque because you'll be acting out of desperation and not out of integrity. To make money online, you have to bring value to the market, in order to make online sales. You going to end up suffering from "shiny object syndrome", if a pandemic and a stimulus cheque is your driving force to make money online.

    If you are really keen on blowing that stimulus cheque, then Invest in an online course, on how to set up an online sales funnel, if you don't know how to already. There are plenty of WSO's on that topic here on the Warrior Forum.

    Having an online business is a long-term strategy, not a quick fix. What if you only get that stimulus cheque for the next 6 months, what's your financial plan going to be after that?
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    Originally Posted by Steve Hartley View Post

    Im more interested in using my stimulus check to work for me. What are some ways that I can turn that money into more?
    Start by reading this: ( ) Start with things in your home and then as the economy begins to open back up start sourcing at your local stores and such.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Invest in yourself first. Why not learn something new on Udemy? Then offer a service related to that. SImple, and you won't spend all that money doing it.

    Publish your digital course at We create the video sales letter, drive affiliate traffic and split the profits with you. If you want to start making money by teaching online, submit your application here.

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    I think the right thing you should do is to invest in yourself. once you get the skill, you will use it to generate more cash.
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    Love your mentality.

    Think Recurring Recurring Recurring. So many ways to achieve it so pick a strategy that suits your likes and skill sets.

    Sometimes helping others rewards us very kindly. Sharing products/services/softwares that you personally found helpful and recommending them.
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    This is the worst place to ask for financial advice. I am thinking that you are looking for a way to make a quick ROI on your money. If you are thinking that you can make a quick turn over with internet marketing, you are wrong. To become successful you will need a long term plan. Like someone said above...use that money for what it was intended your living expenses with it.
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    Unless you have lot's of money in the bank already, save most of the money in case of unplanned events in these uncertain times.

    If you want to splurge, hand register a nice domain name + buy a year of hosting. When you have done that, you have 1 year to figure out how to make that website profitable
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    I can see why you want to do it, but what I really believe your looking for is a way to leverage that money so that you can become independant and not be co dependant. I have no idea what your work ethic is but to be honest with you the dictionary is the only place where you will find success comes before work.

    If your looking to make money online working from home you can do it, is it easy no, is it doable yes, but it will require commitment.

    [URL=""] Host a post for me and win a chance at $2500 USD

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