Recommend me 10 of The Document Sharing Sites That Getting Traffic For You

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I need some traffic on document sharing sites. What are your best recommendation? Kinda give me some reason why are they good for you?

I'm gonna update this since I'm sure find some posts with "search on Google" like. Before I open this thread of course I did check on Google or start open my old Scribd account just for a start ( I used to upload some pdf years ago) and I will update my own experience using some of them. But I don't need to read everything on Google or what else what google said because Google is not login and use the document sharing sites (just check my question above about "...good for you?"),. I want YOU to share your true as a user that doc sites accounts. If you are a real user of course you may say "ohh... this site is good no watermark or fast to upload or too many ads or any of your real experience, etc)

Let's this topic discussion get real user experience because your input or real testimony will be valuable information for like our new members that try die hard to get traffic. Of course document sharing sites already proven got huge authority from people and Google, it means can be a good traffic source. Let's start trying any of our threads on this forum are more useful and valuable.

If you are not user or member of the sites...well, what can I say? I hope you don't have to doing some junk posts because what can you give to us if you don't give your real feedback.

If you want to try that document sites and willing to get traffic and give use some real feedback then go ahead just login and start uploading no drama.
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