High Quality Graphics=Foot In The Door!

by J. Barry Mandel 2 replies

I just wanted to share my (repeated) experience with you in terms of generating interest for a future product or service that will be released...

I have seen it over and over again that people who you contact to JV with or to work with you in some manner will give you a *much* higher response rate if you can give them a visual of what it would look like if they chose to work with you BEFORE your product/service is ready for the market.

Essentially, by providing such an image of what your product will look like you give them a visual...you allow them to see for themselves what it might be like if they chose to sell your product or service.

What this does for yourself is that you get to "plant a seed" in their minds which will cause them to be able to see both intital and long-term effects of choosing to work with you in any manner.

*You CAN have a great propsal
*You CAN have a great product/service
*You CAN have all the lingo down

But, if you CAN'T show them an image or give them that visual of what it might mean for them in the future, you just greatly minimized your possibilities of getting your foot in the door.

Think about it...

The more you can engage someones senses and provide them with an experience, the more they can get a feel for whether what you are doing is right for them and their paypal or clickbank accounts
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    will have to agree with this one

    that's why I'm here! lol
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    I pay as much attention to the graphics as I do the sales copy because some people are what I call visual browser rather than reading ones. That is why I have put a video outlining my product on the sales page and it has increased my sales ten fold. And yes for me Elance is the best place to find freelancers to carry out work for you or you could purchase a copy of Adobe Photo shop.
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