WordPress + Shopping Cart?

by ecdavis 3 replies
Hi. I've been trying to work out combining wordpress with a shopping cart but so far haven't really come up with a satisfactory solution. I'm aware of MarketTheme and WP-ecommerce. I'd be interested to know if anyone here has managed to successfully combine wordpress with shopping cart and what solution you used. I'd be grateful for any comments or advice.

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    Evan, you know that you could just set up any shopping cart you wanted in a separate folder and use an external link or page to create a menu item, right? That may not be what you wanted to do but I thought I would just throw it out.

    Take care!

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    Hi Evan,

    What payment methods are you accepting?

    One plugin that accepts only paypal is eShops. You can determine shipping rates as well especially if you sell physical items.
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    Thank you very much for your advice! I'm very sorry about taking so long to reply.

    Chris: I have thought of running a WP blog out of a separate folder, but I kind of like the idea of running everything from a single CMS. If possible. I've worked a little Joomla and Virtuemart and would rather not go that route again.

    Fendi Salim: Thank you. I'll check into eShops. I'm primarily interested in selling physical items, so shipping is important.

    Much obliged,
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