How to integrate content onto a new domain from an old site

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Hi guys, I could use some advice on what to do with an old site when re-branding.

We have a current application that's fairly well established, but we're adding new products and tools and consolidating everything under a new brand. This new brand will sit under a new site domain, but all the old content is relevant and useful.

We already have a domain ready, but we aren't sure what the consequences would be for some of our proposed methods and wondered if anyone here has any experience with this?

I'll list some of the options we have on the board atm:
  1. Move the old site into a sub-folder of the new domain, e.g. newsite(.)com/oldsite
  2. Permanent redirect to from old domain to new (but then we'd lose all the old blog posts, etc.)
  3. Leave the old site in place, but replace the home page with CTA for users to go to the new site.
  4. Copy over all content to new site and use 301 directs from all older pages to all new duplicated ones.

The thing is, users for the current application will still need to be able to log into their account. We aren't erasing the whole application or user base, but we do want to wind down the number of users creating new accounts. These should be directed to the new domain.

I also don't want to have a negative impact on the new domain scores in anyway. I know there's a lot going on here, but can anyone recommend anything?

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    Hi Evan,

    If I'm understanding your goal correctly, you plan on adding all the content on the old site to the new site, is that correct?

    In which case, if you did set up a permanent redirect from old domain to new domain, you wouldn't lose the content if you move it across first.

    When I move websites to a new domain for clients who are rebranding, number two on your list is how I do it in most cases. And to help Google find and rank the new domain even faster, I use Google search console to let Google know about the domain change.

    If however, you still want people to be able to login to the old site, that won't work so it sounds like number four is your best bet. And I'd add a CTA to homepage as well since that won't be redirected should you go decide to go down this path.

    On the other hand, if it's okay for users to login to their account on the new domain then I recommend using a tool like ManageWP (assuming the site is built on WordPress?) to clone an exact copy of the old site to the new domain, and then go with number #2.

    Hope that helps.
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    If I were you I'd first read as much as possible on the topic and then I'd make a detailed plan.

    Best Practices
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    1. Import all Content from old site & export on new site.
    2. On old site, Just down any redirect plugin and 301 redirect all innner page to old new one.
    Thats it
    . I did same. I rebrand my old site seofreetips into (which is my name)
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    Using the 301 redirect is the right way to move your content from the old site to the new one, though you'd have to leave the old site undeleted for a while. Do not delete it immediately lest you experience issues with getting ranked on search engines. It can be left undeleted for up to 2 months or a bit longer to redirect properly.
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      Tell me please. I want to create a site on a subdomain of a free site builder. If I later want to transfer it to another hosting, then there will be no problems?
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    Use a backup software such as Backup Buddy, Updraft or Backupcreator to backup old site. Then upload this backup to your new site and then use the plugin Search Regex and replace your old name with your new name.
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