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Does anyone here frequent Quora with any regularity? Do you find answering questions helpful to your business or somewhat helpful, but not all that helpful when considering the time and effort involved?

Also, does anyone pay for advertising on Quora? Sites like Facebook and YouTube get all the love but there are many other social platforms (including this forum) with advertising opportunities.

Maybe I should ask this in another post but, with only so much to spend on advertising (for those lucky enough to have something to invest) should these other advertising opportunities be considered or should one devote time, money and energy to the proven platforms.

Thanks for reading.
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    Quora is a proven platform. When it comes to advertising you should consider all possibilities. You didn't mention AdWords. If you have an advertising budget to spend, try AdWords first. Nothing beats their targeted traffic.
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    Advertising are successful only if you have well optimized landing page ..... does not matter you are advertising on Google Adwords or on Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. These all can drive lots of traffics but remaining depends on where traffics are coming and what you are serving there to attract visitors for your services or products.

    So first of all think like user that if we will visit any related page then what i will search and create landing page then start advertising on any platform according to your budget.
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    Quora is still very effective when done regularly. Though time-consuming but it still works. If you have the budget for traffic I will suggest you try their paid traffic platform. Though they are a bit strict but its 100 targeted traffic with lots of buyers that you could make money from. Hope this helps.
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    I've been on Quora for a while now and have got lots of backlinks and traffic to my site over the years. I haven't spent a dime advertising on Quora, on any other social media platform or online communities. I've always invested the right energy and time to trigger the traffic and it works out fine. Though advertising on social media like Facebook and Twitter can send you some flow of traffic, getting conversion might be the greatest challenge.
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    I think answering in Quora frequently can be really helpful, atleast in SEO part as it will give lots of backlinks. To do this, while creating profile choose your interest in your niches and you will be regularly notified by quora when someone ask questions related to your niche.

    I have not tried Quora ads myself but have seen people using it.

    I found this answer in quora which might be helpful to you " Quora ads are only available on an auction basis, meaning that we require advertisers to specify a bid value they are willing to pay for a click. Based on performance and competition, our system will then determine the cost of that click, which will never be more than the bid entered by the advertiser. Budgets can be as low as just a few dollars as there are no minimum spend required to get started. "

    Just like other campaigns I must say if you have good experience in PPC campaigns in other platforms, then Quora will also work for you and give positive ROI.

    Hope this helps
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