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What is the best software that I can buy at this time that will generate free "buyer" traffic for me?

Many Thanx for your quick reply and assistance,
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    I believe I know of such a software,it's called an auto-responder!
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    Please let everyone know when you find the software that gives you free buyer traffic!
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      Please let everyone know when you find the software that gives you free buyer traffic!
      Never going to happen.

      That's why so many people fail online. They look for a software that will do everything for you (Even traffic).
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    I believe in genuine trafiic for any site, to get the rank and authentication. I do a lot of off-oage work to gate the visitors for my site.
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    thanx guys

    Sign up today to get you going right on the web => Your 11 Tips

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    Lol. I believe most of the answers here are all one form of sarcasm or another. There is no such software forget what you are told on sales letters and videos.
    The process of getting buyers traffic is only when you have been able to convert your prospect list into buyers.
    Hope this helps

    I have a blog where I post different ways to make money online

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      You can buy traffic, for example by paying an influencer to promote your product. Or by letting affiliates promote your product for a percentage of the sale. I think those methods are better than shelling out money for softwares that promise to get you traffic. There are some tools that can get you traffic, but they often are made for spammy methods that might land you in legal trouble.
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    TrafficJunkie always worked well for me
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    I don't know whether you asked this question jokingly or are you really serious. Anyway if such software would have existed this forum will become irrelevant.
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  • Rather perfect the skill of generating organic buyer traffic with Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising traffic generation methods. It's safer, and more reliable than software that may eventually get banned.
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    Web traffic means directed visitors towards a web page, software can't yet do that with pricese targeting, unfortunately.
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    It's called ppv. You can generate buyer traffic from propel media, rtx platform, media-traffic..
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    Traffic by Software is considered under Black Hat Seo Techniques. If catched, penalty will be imposed by google.
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    I definitely see ads for IM products on "certain sites" that claim to have such software, but it doesn't work as described. There won't be a push button answer to your traffic needs. You can build a social following on any site, like Facebook or Youtube and you will be able to suggest items to them if you become trusted and liked. This is "free" traffic but really just takes a lot of time.
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    'free buyer traffic'
    Haha awesome.
    I know this is the claim on salespages very often.

    But just think about it..if something like that would exist and really work...omg everybody would be rich haha
    STOP getting confused and lied to. Click Here to get the best book about affiliate marketing out there.
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