Best name for my new product? (Prize for best idea)

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Sorry for messaging like this, but I had a lot of helpful advice from you all, so I thought I would give this brainstorming session a go.

I am busy creating my first info product, which is a product consisting of a 80-100 page ebook , detailing step by step how to implement Free traffic generation techniques in the form of lessons with specific step by step homework assignments at the end of each lesson, showing you how to implement it, and 10-15 tutorial videos (supporting the ebook) showing you how exactly how you can use certain free sites, tools and strategies and secrets to easily to get free traffic to your websites.

Now, what I want your opinion on, what the name of this product should be, because as you know this is very important for marketing the product.

I have a few ideas of my own, but I am not going to name them as I want new and original ideas.

Any ideas that would work for website names as well, that are still original for this kind of product?

(I am willing to give away FREE courses worth more than $500 for the best idea that I can use)

Thanks a lot!
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