I made a website in 1 day and sold it for $ 100

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It was a couple of years ago.

I'll say right away that I'm not good at web development - I'm just able to do something + I use Google well!

There is such an old flash game in which you have to go through the maze with your mouse cursor without touching its walls.

The first levels are quite simple, but then the level of difficulty increases.
I downloaded this game, put it on a simple site that I made on WordPress.
It was just one page - in the center is a game with a maze, ad units to the right and left of the game.

The visitor was invited to go through the maze for a limited time. If he did this, then he was promised a reward of $ 100.

The trick is that very little time was given and it was almost impossible to do this. But it was not a lie, because to go through the maze for the proposed time was real, just very difficult.

When the timer reached zero, the page reloaded and the game started again.
Later I added a few more variations of this game, which allowed to increase the number of page views of the site.

At that time, I had little knowledge in the field of attracting traffic, because I just sold this site on a site exchange.

I spent only $ 2 per domain for the entire site, hosting was free for a month. I did the rest myself.

So be creative - it will set you apart from the competition.

In addition to this example, I had a few more cases when I made money on sites.
I will describe it with one example - this will be clearer.

It is not necessary to make the site completely from scratch. You can take a ready-made version and improve it.

So I did - I bought a site on the topic of binary options. The site was already with articles and little traffic - 100-150 people a day.
It cost 70 dollars.

I improved it - installed additional plugins, customized, added several articles. I collected all the information on the Internet, did not order any promotion services.

A week later, a representative of one options broker contacted me and ordered an advertising review, the payment was $30.

Also on the site there were many other reviews of brokers, each used my affiliate link + unobtrusive advertising banners were distributed throughout the site.

As a result, I spent two weeks on this site, traffic increased to 200-250 people a day.
After I sold it to the same exchange of sites where I bought it, but for $150.

Yes, this is not much, but with an investment of $ 70, I got back 180! But you can buy a site for 500-1000-5000 dollars and get much more back!

So I did several times - it really can be called a full-fledged business, if there is enough time and initial investment.

And this way of making money will always be relevant, now it's even easier to do it.
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