Anybody Use Keyword Elite 2.0?

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I did a search and so far can not find anything about how to do this.

I recently bought KE2.0, and in the Keyword Surge part, it will generate content pages. It requires that I put in my Adsense account - so it can put adsense ads into these contents pages.

I don't want to use adsense. I want my ad in these pages to send people to my site.

How do I use Keyword Surge part of KE2.0 to generate content pages and put my own ad - (can be a banner I make, or just a text link) - into the content pages? I can build a webpage template for it, but how do I get around having to have an adsense account?

I want these content pages to link to my home page to draw people into my funnel instead of taking them away to someone else's website.

When I tried to post this question on the KE2.0 forum, the forum said it saved my message in draft mode, whatever that is. I guess they review title posts before posting them.


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    Just put in a fake adsense publisher account number and generate the content, then simply open up each page and replace the adsense with your own banner/code. That's how I did it.
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    yeah it is a pretty sweet software

    if you go to Keyword Elite University you can see some sweet tutorials on how to use it to make money online.

    P.S. not an affiliate link
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    It is this function, Keyword Surge, that I am interested in. Can anyone tell me if they had any problems creating very large websites with this program. I read somewhere that people were experiencing problems generating sites and that the program was hanging up and not finishing the sites.

    Also I am interested in doing just what Don suggested in the first post. How do you replace the google adsense code with links to your own site. I am sure that the google adsense code is somewhere in the template. Any one had any experience with just changiing the template instead of manually inserting your own banner or links. This can be extremely time consuming if you are creating very large sites.

    BTW do you know any other program that has this functionality to scrub article sites and create websites with the articles based on keywords.
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    You don't even have to open up each page one at a time, use a search and replace utility with multiple line functionality and you can replace the Adsense code with whatever you want on hundreds of pages at once. I use SearchAndReplace from Nodesoft for this, and it's freeware. Just be sure you only have the pages you want to replace in the directory you aim it at because it will search all files with the extension you set in the filters. Maybe there's a better utility for this, but I liked it because you can set a start point and an end point and it will do a replacement even if the stuff between the start and end points are different. It's the only utility I found that would do that.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Quick somewhat related question. Those currently using the new Keyword Elite 2.0, do you feel it's a better tool and investment in any way compared to Market Samurai which has been an ongoing Top Pick in the following thread...

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts! Appreciate your comments and experiences in either thread as I'm sure others would, as some are still considering which one to add to their business knowledge and learning tool box for 2010...

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