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Hey everyone,

So i have an idea for a website that i think would do pretty well just the only thing is im not good enough at designing websites to make it.

So i am looking for a website designer that could be interested in splitting a project with me that could potentially do very well.

This is my idea to make a website like Break.com - Free videos, pictures, and comedy for guys

On Break.com - Free videos, pictures, and comedy for guys they pay people to find crazy videos and put them on there site.

But i was thinking about doing this for gamers millions of kids around the world play video games every day and they make videos of themselves playing video games.

They put these videos on youtube for free where they get thousands of hits

so i was thinking instead these gamers would put videos on this gaming video site driving in hundreds or thousands of views a day bringing in cash to the website.

So this is only half of the idea but if anyone has any ideas or thinks they would like to split the idea let me no.

Thank you,

- Eric
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