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I'm still new to SEO and I need some help. I noticed good DA guest posts are good way to build backlinks if done correctly with anchor texts. The difficulty I'm experiencing is that guest posts can be very expensive when purchased from higher DA blogs/sites. do you have a website where I can buy guest posts at reasonable prices? or is it possible to build guest post completely natural? if yes, how? I noticed prices can be $100 and up for guest posts.
Thank you for the help
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    I have just looked on Fiverr.com and you can purchase guest posts there from $8 up.

    It is best to check and look at the feedback for each person offering the guest posting service to give you an idea of what to expect.

    Some look very good with satisfied customers.

    Just go on to Fiverr.com and put "guest posting" into the search field and you will be shown thousands of people that offer the service.

    Hope this helps.

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      Originally Posted by Ged3 View Post

      I have just looked on Fiverr.com and you can purchase guest posts there from $8 up.
      Yes, and you can imagine the quality of those blogs with thousands of outbound links.

      If something it's cheap, that means everyone is buying, and that means is useless.

      I'd much rather invest money in SEO articles that drive organic traffic than throwing $ out of the window.

      And the $8 is not even the problem.

      The problem comes when Google penalizes you for having a link there.

      So paying money to destroy your ranking is not exactly smart.

      Guest posts have to be expensive, otherwise it will turn the site on a spam website, thus defeating the purpose of having guest posts anyway.

      If you can't afford it, there are other ways to do SEO. Backlinks are not the only thing you can do to drive traffic.
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        I agree with you 100%. Would you please share with us some of the other ways to rank higher in google rankings.Thank you!
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    Google ignores DA (it's not one of their metrics). Buying backlink building gigs can prove to be "suicidal". Hosts of webmasters lost all their rankings after buying those types of gigs.

    P.S. In general SEO is dead. When it first started Optimization meant Optimization (correct meta tags, titles, descriptions, keywords, <h1><h2><h3> tags, etc.). But then Optimization became Manipulation... It's virtually impossible to manipulate your rankings on Google anymore. What works today (and it always has) is good content. If you can create content that people need and want you're 80% there.
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      I understand content is important... but I see not so good content on websites ranking on first page all the time. Also, how much good content can you write/provide if you sell chairs online? you can only write so much about a chair, and what would determine good content about leather wood chair? I'm just using this as an example. I think content is good part of SEO, but DA backlink is extremely important from relevant site to show google popularity of your site/product page. I don't know much about SEO, I'm learning. But I did notice that everyone has their own opinion on SEO, and what really works and what doesn't. After doing some research, I think SEO is not so complicated as some people make it to be. Fast loading site, clean content about product you sell, backlinks from relevant sites with good DA linking to your product page, including home page. I think this is it... the only part I'm having problems with is gaining those back links from relevant DA sites. Sure naturally I can gain them very slowly, but how do I compete with a site that has hundreds, thousands of these same backlinks.... I think SEO works very good, and always will. But competitions is so far ahead (they created trusted brand in googles eyes, high DA) that is almost impossible to catchup, unless I have huge budget .... but I could be wrong on all this.
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    We all know that content is king. If your content is unique and good, no one can ignore your content. First, you start with lower DA ranking websites and make your presence. Once your profile will be strong, you can post your posting in good ranking websites. Although you can find guest posting websites in search engine.
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      I agree with you that content is very important in SEO. Do I think content alone will get you rankings, I would say no. I think combination of good content and quality backlinks build good and strong brand and high DA. Are you saying write good content and reach out to publishers with lower DA and ask them to publish my content in hopes of gaining backlink? How fast does this process work? Do majority ask for me to pay? Could you please explain it in more detail? Much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Guest Posting is the best way to drive traffic on your website and you can gain a quality backlink.
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      I agree with you. Guest posting from relevant sites with high DA is definitely good way to build backlinks and good brand. But they are expensive. They can range from $100 & up. So my question is how to gain guest posting naturally with out paying? Some will say good content. Ok you write good content and what then? email hundreds and hundred of bloggers and ask them to post your content? 1 out of 1000 would accept? Or write good content and publish on my site, and then waitt for people to naturally link to it? How long would this process take for someone to discover my content? Months, years? if someone could please give me some advice I would really appreciate it! thank you!
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