I've found the real SNAKE OIL salesman...and it's US!

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Check out this link to MSNBC'S Red Tape series:

'Fakeosphere' latest Web trap for consumers - The Red Tape Chronicles - msnbc.com

Quite the lowdown on how SOME Super Affiliates are operating. And, of course, NONE of the folks here would be operating under such premises, now would we???!!??

To be filed under: Give Some People An Inch And Watch Them Take A Mile (while making absolute millions).

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, rants?

PS We do NOT need a How-To, a WSO, or a private Warroom giveaway on how to do any of the above. :-)
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  • LOL at the fake answer sites. I bet they make HUGE bank.
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    MS-NBC is just discovering flogs now?

    Apparently the network is as good at finding these things as the parent company is at finding bugs in their software.
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