Looking for recommendations for membership site/affiliate tech stack

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Looking to downgrade complexity of my existing system.

* I want to keep my activeCampaign Email management system
* I want to keep my merchant and Authorize.net accounts.

Looking for one easy membership /affiliate management site or system that does

- Allows simple integration with the above two apps
- Has an easily and neatly included affiliate system that will allow 50% commissions and manages commissions on refunds automatically.
- Allows affiliates to login and see their stats.
- Automatically creates a membership account for customers.
- GUI content management for members are and free area
- Allows the importation of existing customers.
- High converting cart pages.
- One click upsells
- payment options for customers. eg: 3 monthly payments instead of 1 payment.

I am open to SAAS or an install on my servers.

Any suggestions?
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