Price Changed from FREE to $50, and Sells Within a Week on Craigslist

by Takuya Hikichi 5 replies
I am moving out of Las Vegas by the end of this week and giving away furniture using things like Craigslist. While not having a productive week, my friend shared with me his experience using Craigslist.

1. He said once he was trying to get rid of a Futon couch by giving it away free on Craigslist and nobody called. Next week he decided to price them at $50 and sold within a week.

2. He also had four set of tires in front of his house and placed a sign said "FREE". Likewise, nobody bothered to pick them up so he also decided to give a try and priced it $50 and they got stolen immediately.

Can anyone share an example (in internet marketing) where you "thought about" offering something for free but decided to charge a small fee for it?

What was your result? Anything interesting to share?
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    Heh. Watch this video... might give you some interesting points to think about.

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    Hi Takuya

    I love the one about the tyres. Gave me a big smile. Thanks

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      Hi Takuya,

      I love your post you know!

      I have this instance at a live seminar. This trainer (IM niche) shows an example that people prefer paid service.

      He offers a $10 note on the floor and offer it to the first one to come and grab it. No one did.

      In the second scenario, he offers $50 and then a $100...and later jokingly, all his IM products for free.

      Still no one take it up....

      Then when he packs a value such as this package worth US$2997 will be given to you for free....then everyone says "Wow! should have snatched it then."
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        Hi Friends,

        This is interesting but does not surprise me.

        It is in the peoples possibly, that what is offered free is worthless, not worthy to deal with it.
        On the other hand, if you need to give money for something, then has to be for some kind of value in it.

        Takuya's story is funny, just as well than the video what I saw already earlier.

        BTW I was the subject of a similar experiment once on a Dale Carnegie training, is needed admit I withdrew the money. There is a proverb at us: if they strike run away, if give accept it.

        Have a nice day,


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    I think this is the reason the $7 script works so well. People do not value what they get for free (for the most part) but any small amount seems to convince them they are getting a bargain.

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