Questions about Google My Business Knowledge Panels:

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Does anyone have any good data or articles about how these populate? I'm wondering:
  1. Why do some queries populate a knowledge panel and others don't?
  2. Is there a way to get it to show up more frequently?

    I assume more reviews and details will get it to show up more, also being closer to the location, but I don't have any way to verify that outside of my personal observation.
  3. Which queries are now causing the knowledge panel to pop up?

    Like, is there a report inside of search console I don't know about that shows how often that's showing up and for which queries? Maybe I could see when our button was clicked in Analytics through UTM tracking and see which queries led to that traffic. I don't know honestly.

Does anyone have any good articles or ideas on this? Basically, I want to know which queries are populating them and how to get other queries to populate them/optimize for that.
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    GMB is still quite easy to manipulate these days, so just doing only white hat stuff is probably not enough.
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    Have you ever tried manipulating GMB using phones/hotspots and driving?
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