Where Do You Get Your Graphics From?

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Hi All

I am doing this poll because as a graphic artist I am trying to break into the IM market and would love to know where my fellow marketers are getting their graphics from. I have been doing my own graphics now for the past 8 years. Now mind you I also buy other templates and then customize them as well. But for the most part I do my own.

So where do you get your's from? I would also love to know what you think is a fair price for graphic whether they are exclusive, just customized or PLR?

I look forward to reading your feedback.

~Jeff C.
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    Hi Jeff,

    I get my graphics from a number of sources to include
    developing my own.

    If you'd like to do graphics for income, look for jobs at
    the freelance websites. As to the products that most
    IMers require - I would say website headers ($15-$25)
    and up depending upon complexity - ebook covers and
    software boxes - ($10-$25) again depending upon the
    complexity. Logos are also needed.

    Setup a website featuring your services and offer a
    variety of packages and pricing - that's what I would
    do if I were you.

    Good luck with your new venture
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    I usually find what I need on http://sxc.hu/

    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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