Eza de-"indexing"? UPDATE: Yes, they do.

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Does anyone know if Eza de-indexes your articles or something after they suspend your account? I recently had an account suspended for a silly reason (a mistake I made) and my article views/clicks PLUMMETED. I searched for my articles in Google to see they weren't even there, when the day prior they were, and these were zero competition keywords, so it wasn't like I got buried really. Any idea what this could be about?
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    have they removed your articles entirely? EZA doesn't do the indexing, but it the articles have been removed then Google would de-index after a few weeks.
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    I was suspended a while ago and the articles were still up and running. Just do a search for the articles and you will know for sure.
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    If you were using the Google search on their site, then yes, they do index your articles - well, kinda.

    That's a custom search engine, I use one on my site...and you have the ability to re-index the site based on xml files or site maps whenever you want. There are a ton of other options too - I would suspect that if your account is suspended, they have someone who would take your stuff out of their index file.

    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    Do you receive any type of warning before they suspend your account?
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    I am glad I read this, I use EZA a lot! that is quite scary and rather annoying. Luckily, every time i have posted a problem article (genuinely by mistake, only 3 times) they have simply asked me to rectify it.

    What I am curious about is how easily they reward people with expert author status! I imagine it's purely so that folk are more tempted to stick the Expert Author logo on their own site or blog. Or is that cynical?!

    I was very chuffed when I go my first expert author award, albeit I did know quite a bit about that subject, but it was still a nice surprise.......but then I got another award straight away after one article and it was hardly rocket-science type stuff. It demeaned my first award!

    Sorry that was a bit off topic! Just thought it showed that EZA has many odd little idiosyncrasies.
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    Nice to see they value their platinum providers so well!

    There goes their chance at grabbing this years Customer Service Award.....
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