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I am looking for a spesific eBay plugin for wordpress.

I found it on one site, but have since forgotten where it was.

It was a display of 3x3 pictures of eBay products, with their names, that was related to the main keyword of each post. Most important: It was in the sidebar. Nicely displayed on a purple background similar to the blog theme.

Does anyone know where to find it? I guess they use RSS and connect it with the main keyword of the post, or the blog owner adds a spesific keyword for each post she writes.

Please help me find it. (or make a WSO)

I have seen many products like this, but there the ebay plugin IS the post. I want to write a product review with selected amazon products, but have the ebay in the sidebar in case the products i review does not match the wants of the searcher.
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