The right Strategy for my Products Marketing ?

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Hello Community, Hope you're doing well during this hard days.

I'm new in the Online Business world, i'm 26 years old.
I've always been passionate about the Commerce industry. That's why I decided to start my E-commerce Journey (especially DropShipping in the beginnings).
My question is : As a beginner with few money in my pocket, what is better for my products marketing ? Build some instagram accounts for my ads (3 accounts for 3 niche products), and try to make them grow and gain true followers as fast as possible in order to minimise Ads's expenses, But this will take a year at least ! But i will gain more passive income in the long term.
Or stick to Facebook Ads and Google Ads strategy, and spend some extra money because it's the right way to do it ?
I have this question for about a month, I'm confused. I created 3 IG accounts, but i found it hard to gain some followers even that i choosed good niches, so I feel like i'm wasting time and energy (and time is money).
What is your advices and what's the right strategy for both sides, short and long term ? knowing that I want to make a career in this business, at least for the next 10 years.

Thank you, and i'll be really grateful for your support.
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    For products marketing, you can choose Google paid marketing for initial awareness of your product. Run campaigns in Social media also. Later you can stop it and start organic SEO.
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    Hi Zac,

    Congrats on taking action. IG can be a difficult animal to tame. I find the indirect method works really well. Obviously depending on the niche. Avoid direct and blatant pitches. Rather go subtle, indirect images and references applicable to your target audience. Most of my traffic actually comes from my bio rather than posts

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    Thanks Zach atleast you are a step a head. Very few people can make the move you have made.The e-commerce industry is scaring but it is the future of online business. Just take a step at a time and you will be fine.
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    Everyone in this discussion has the right idea. I just want to touch on a few things with regard to your social media. It is really time consuming as you really need to engage to grow. You need consistent content and engagement which takes time. I dont think you should abandon this tho! Depending on your products, instagram has the shop feature now and so many small businesses use Instagram. You should definitely use ads but dont forget about social, really try and maintain your social media even if its later down the line! If your business grows people will look for your instagram and you want this to be strong. Use SEO, backlinking and email marketing if you build up a list. Most importantly monitor the data to your site using Google Analytics (its free). Good luck!!
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    Here's one simple trick that explodes ecommerce sales

    0) Install the FB pixel on your target site

    1) Run several ad campaigns to pump cheap FB clicks to your site

    2) Run a LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE CAMPAIGN to get even cheaper clicks

    3) For the KILL SHOT: run a RETARGETING campaign

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    Maybe you feel confused because you are overwhelmed?
    You try to grow 3 instagram accounts at once.

    Imagine you could only focus on one account with all your energy?
    What would be possible then?
    Something to think about
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      Originally Posted by TobiMDD View Post

      Maybe you feel confused because you are overwhelmed?
      You try to grow 3 instagram accounts at once.

      Imagine you could only focus on one account with all your energy?
      What would be possible then?
      Something to think about
      I am sure you have already identified the top account out of the three. The game plan is to grow one the one that is more promising.
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