The First Step in Infographic Outreach: An Infographic That Looks Great

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This infographic from Unbounce got them backlinks from Moz, SEJ, CrazyEgg, etc..

1,500 links in all. Must be a great resource, right?

No, not really.

If you look closely at the green SEO section the advice is stuff like:

Do lots of link building!

Architect your site for search

Set up webmaster tools

Really, the content itself is "lackluster" to put it nicely.

But just look at the graphic. To say it's "eyecatching" is an understatement. It's beautiful. The colors, the data visualization. 10/10 on looks.

The takeaway is simple: If your content is shit, make sure it at least looks amazing.
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    Quality Infographics are an absolute must have. People do not like to read anymore but put some quality information on a beautifully illustrated Infographic and you go viral.
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    Interesting because the information is very basic, almost vague, but the graphic is pretty amazing. This is a great lesson on the importance of presentation.
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    You are right, i think the internet is loaded with garbage so most people have decided to spent less time reading. But you can innovatively sell your ideas through info-graphics.
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