My CPA conversions is very low!

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Hello everyone!

i have the traffic source which is social media i do run alot of accounts mostly automation and i use aged accounts and proxy and its rare when i lose an account, what i do is add people and when they accept my request i sent them a message which is Hi, Enter your Email for a chance to Get Visa $1000 Gift Card for free ((The offer link)) direct to the offer using cloaking because social media sites do not allow CPA links and i got very very low conversions any tips that can increase my conversions rate?

Thank you
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    Have you ever entered your email and seen what happens with those kinds of offers? Run offers that will help people not scam people.
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      yes @55sadhikar

      its always take the audience to surveys forever and keep sending them emails offers
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    Your emails might land in the spam folder, especially since you are using words that trigger the spam shield (like win, prize, free, $1000).
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    I would recommend to try engaging more with your audience before going straight for the sale. I get messages like this all the time from people I add on social media and I never click on them if this is the first type of message they send me.
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    it's simple: they don't know you and therefore they don't trust you, why would they click your link?

    just think about it from another perspective:
    would you do it when someone else sends such a message to you?

    it's all about building trust and having prove online.
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    You'll be surprised how your conversions can increase when you stop viewing people as a dollar bill. Once you put the person's interest first, then you can work on different traffic strategies and work on your copywriting to refine your conversions even further.
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    Create your own website and link back to these CPA offers instead of sending people directly to the offer.

    On your website you can have more then 1 CPA offers and can earn from not just 1, but 2 or more.


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    Here's the money quote from OP

    direct to the offer using cloaking because social media sites do not allow CPA links and i got very very low conversions
    FB is recently SUING an offer cloaking company:

    Since you're basically offering one thing and delivering another page, it's not a surprise why your conversions are low

    Pick out the RIGHT writers for your project - only $0.0075 per word - DIRT CHEAP!
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