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I am creating a brand of building blocks that are similar to LEGO (but different). The blocks will be primarily marketed to adults.

I have 2 brand name options and was hoping for some feedback:

Option #1 is "Kidbitz"

Option #2 is "Keystone Hobby"

I like "Kidbitz" because it is original and unique. The name is also relatively short. I have 2 concerns:

A) The name contains "kid", when you see the brand name will you automatically associate it with kids?

B) Does it seem easy enough to pronounce? Pronounced Kid-Bits.

"Keystone Hobby" is good but it is long and isn't the most original.

The brand name primarily applies to the U.S. but all feedback is welcome.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Why only two options?

    FWIW, I'm not that keen on either. Kidbitz isn't going to help with targeting towards adults and Keystone Hobby is cumbersome and says nothing in particular.

    I'm sure you can come up with some better names.
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    How are they different from LEGO? Maybe providing more info. would be helpful.

    (Don't know if it's already a brand.)
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    If you want come with a word that has an allegory or metaphor, that's driven by sets of goals, values and philosophy that could be a powerful thing.

    Think "apple" as a brand name. It's got connotation of sweetness, aesthetics, something catchy that people will remember easy and don't you forget the mighty 'amazon'.

    Also most brands have slogan that details their values and philosophy.

    Apple - " Think different"
    Wal-Mart- " Save money. Live better"
    IBM - "Think"
    Nike - " Just Do It"
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    Even though shakespear said ''That which is called Rose by any other name smells sweet'' I recommend you twist the kidbitz a bit. Something like Kipbit or Keepbitz would do.
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    Do you have a domain name for your business yet? If so I would suggest that you choose a name that is in keeping with the domain name. If you don't have a domain name, or are not particularly fussy about getting another one, I would go to any domain name search platform and enter keywords related to your chosen niche. I'm sure the search will ring a few bells. And don't forget to choose a .com extension.
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    You should at least come up with 10 options to select a brand name. Something that represents the brand and the message in the clearest way possible. Go for the one which is the most unique out of all your competitors to establish brand authority.
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    Thank you for your feedback. I agree.

    Thinking about it more I came up with 2 new possible names:

    1) 8-brick
    2) 8-block

    Because the building blocks will be used to create 8-bit style pixel art I think these names have some potential.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    I do automatically associate it with kids seeing the word kid within the name. However, the bitz part seems kind of catchy, so it would be a good idea to try different variations with bitz included. I would do thorough research for everything that seems like a fit to see if the brand and domain is already taken.
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    Are you selling snack sized pieces of children? When people talk about someone's bits, what are they talking about? And you're marketing this to adults?

    I could not hate this name more. A.) Yes, obviously it makes me think of children's toys because, you know, kids is what it's named after. B.) Doesn't matter because the name is just not a fit on any level. But let's call it Adultbitz. Doesn't that sound really weird when you think of it in the connotation that certain people would mention bits?

    Keystone Hobby sounds like a hobby store. It's super generic and isn't fun on any level. I'm not a fan of either name. I don't know your product, but I personally find both names to be really bad and I'm trying to be blunt because they seem so far off and I'd hate to see you waste a potentially good idea or your money.

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    kits of lego like blocks tha snap together into statues of any figure orcs elves dwarves

    so of course when you finish assembling the block .. you circle around it chanting ..what ever meaningless chant you desire prefer .. warm beer sucks .. and then you kick the statue over and eagerly pull the blocks apart ..
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    Before you decide on a name for your brand. Make sure you lock in the domain name first before going public about it. Go for the dot com extension.
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    Use a free name generator tool. Here are a could, no connection with me, that crank out 100 names in a sec:

    Insert a word like "blocks" and go....

    This one offers options to help like # of words/ letters you prefer:

    More out there, too, free automated help.

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