What Need To Do Increase Open Rates If Your List is New?

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I am new to list building business. I do affiliate marketing. I am building my list on MMO niche but i got around 5% open rates, 1% Click rates. That's why i get a couple of clicks from my autoresponder. How can i increase open rates? Any idea will be helpful

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    Have you tried splitting your list and sending each sub-list a different version of your emails?

    Vary the following
    - subject line
    - email length
    - call to action

    Keep optimizing to get the right 'formula' among these

    Don't just put up a list, pour traffic on your squeeze page and cross your fingers-OPTIMIZE
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    Well, maybe the open and click thru rates are low because the quality of the leads.

    Where did you get those subscribers from?

    How many subscribers do you have on your list?

    Give us more details please.

    Melvin Gonzalez
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    Everything start with your headline

    Focus on it, create your headline trigger your subscribers curiouscity...

    Headline is very important,

    It's simple, your subscribers just base on your headlines to decide if they should

    open your emails or not

    Hope this helps
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  • Your open rates are terrible because the style of marketing you are using is also used by hype merchants and con artists. What you do BEFORE you build your list is more important than what you do AFTER you built it. Get rid of that squeeze page. Stop making claims that aren't true, and have some respect for the people you are targeting.

    Marketing is not difficult. You take the same approach you would take if you wanted to settle down with the right person. You wouldn't trick them. You wouldn't hide your intentions behind a wall of curiosity. You wouldn't make claims that aren't true.

    Stop treating your prospects like prostitutes.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    Simply ask them a question and ask for a reply.

    Find out their challenges, pain points....this tells you what your next product/service even affiliate promotions should be based on as well.

    If they do not respond to you asking them what they care about...you need to begin cleaning that list and refreshing it.

    Declan does make great points that landing page screams you want the most out of something you are putting the least into.

    I would suggest promote something that comes with its own professional proven converting squeeze page for you and there is training everywhere my friend.


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    maybe you should just scale up what you are promoting in your signature


    A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    It's either one of 2 things. You either need to fix your offer or fix your marketing copy.
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    If you're making $423.67 a day don't change a thing. The other option is, to be honest to yourself and to the people you are targeting. They can easily notice if you are earning what you state in your signature from reading your welcome email and from your posts
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    Using the names of your subscribers in the headline and within your email body can build a more personal relationship with your readers.

    However apart from that listen to what people told you already above.
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    Your e-mail open rate will go higher if you apply the "promise of gain" or "fear of loss" selling techniques on your e-mail subject line.
    Also, make your e-mail sound like when you write e-mail to your friend or someone you like..
    When you write an e-mail to your friend, you come across natural and try not to do anything extra or fancy, that's what creates
    and builds trust and earn you more money in the long run.
    In between you need pepper your e-mail with sales tactics
    like social proof, touching on their needs, wants and desires
    to make them click the link and have them go check the offer.
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    Thank you friends for your helps. I did some changes with my squueze page and email headlines according to your advice.
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