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Spotify has a new subscription tier that aimed at two people living together at the same place, i.e. couples or flatmates. Previously Spotify only had individual and family subscription plans, so having a "duo" tier is nice for pairs who want to share one subscription plan.

Duo is priced at $12.99 in the US, and is now available in 55 markets.
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  • Yes, Spotify launches a new feature but currently, it's available in 55 markets only.
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    It's great and makes a lot of sense.

    Honestly, Spotify has always been very smart in a lot of their concept. Basically the theory behind this move is the following.

    A lot of couples, share family plans, there are a lot of people out there that just share a plan with another couple or housemates. Now if they make it limited to 2, a lot more people would buy that because it's cheaper. In the end Spotify would make more money out of it as they're missing out on the vast amount that shares a family subscription. Why go through the hassle of sharing if the duo plan is only 1 or 2 euros more expensive
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    I hope they will roll it out to many other places quickly
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    Does Spotify have an affiliate program?

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    Spotify keeps sending emails about this Spotify DUO plan to me. Annoying. I just wanna be alone. Please leave me alone Spotify
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    Spotify is my all time favorite Music application I really enjoy their platform more than Amazon and Apple.
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    That's a great news. Hope DUO will available to us soon.
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