Membership / LMS per domain, not per academy

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I've been looking for a solution but not sure if it's out there.

The thing is that I got a couple of programs, products in different niches. Each with a different sales page. The requirements are pretty much the same as for a lot of you, I should be able to have video lessons, text lessons, downloads, the users should be able to sign in and see their progress etc.

BUT, I want to have them hosted on their own domain so I started to Google for a solution but all of them "kajabi", "podia" and more seems to gather all courses under one academy, eg. . So even if I create different sales pages like or 123money-hacks-com (not my domains) the user have to sign in to to take the course. The solution I'm searching for should let me add the course login under each domain, for example or course.123money-hacks-com and the only thing the user would see under this domain is that specific course. And yes, it would be super if this solution could give access to more lessons if the user buys and upsale but it's not a requirement.

Do you get what I'm looking for? Does this solution exist? If yes, what's the name of it?

Thank you in advance.
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