How to direct eBay customers to my own website when re-ordering

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So I sell primarily on my own website. I have about 2000 items. I also sell on eBay and Amazon, but because a) They take 18% of the sale, and b) there is competition there that drives the price down, obviously it's desirable to have the customer go direct to our website when ordering again in the future.

I'm looking for any ideas of what to include in that initial eBay order. We've tried coupon code postcards which work somewhat. We've tried little notes informing them of our website and avoiding the "middleman", and that's worked some too. But wondering if anyone has any other ideas on what incentives we can give customers on that first eBay or Amazon order to entice them NOT to go through E/A. Our website is simple, and has a simple checkout.

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    One of our successful Store Coach students tosses in three business cards, one of them magnetic, with every order. That is their ONLY marketing and they continue to grow at an amazing rate just from word of mouth and customers handing cards to their friends. The magnetic one hopefully gets put on a refrigerator where it is never out of sight, out of mind.

    Obviously, this only works with a certain type of product niche.
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    Ebay customers will always feel more comfortable using ebay. But do make sure that your domain is used in a signature when you communicate with them.

    We use a rubber stamp on our outside envelope that has a tag message and web address on everything we send out. Stamp it all over, front and back.

    Ever think about from your package to their door how many people see the outside of your package?

    Use the envelope or box you send out as a billboard advertising your web address.

    Ebay, Amazon, everytime they send out a package you recognize their brand in their packaging, do the same.
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    Good idea, Dave! I used to do pens, and tried magnets. I think it was my art layout that muddied it up too much and made it ineffective and unattractive to put on a fridge or computer case. But will definitely try again. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Prvegas: Awesome idea! I love it. When *I* buy something, I tend to open the box and grab what is inside and don't even glance at the paperwork. And I fear the more paperwork in the box, the less someone is going to "go through it". But who would have thought on the outside? Maybe even custom printed mailers? Thanks so much!

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    Email them directly when your site offers specials. Don't do it through the Ebay or Amazon messaging system.
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    This is a great idea, but don't abandon eBay. Instead, sell on both!
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