How to increase app downloads through digital marketing?

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Hey Folks, can anyone let me know the effective ways through which we can increase the app downloads?
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    You can promote the app through paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads etc to increase exposure for the app. Apart from that, you need to highlight the features of the app to attract the audiences. Introduce discounts and limited time offers to entice people.
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    This article provides a pretty thorough list and overview of app install products and networks (FB & Google obviously the leaders)
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    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    I think using facebook ads can be really effective.

    In addition to using Facebook ads, also use images of your product to attract an audience. Within the ad, add an "Install Now" call-to-action button this will result in more downloads.

    Including a direct and clear CTA in your social media profile is critical. This really increases your conversion rate.

    A CTA such as "Install Now" or "Use App" can effectively direct your audience towards the relevant store from where they can conveniently download your app. This is also a great way to increase organic app installation and increase the download rate of your app.
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    Is the business just an app or is it also a website? just curious the full context
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    One of the most effective ways to do this for FREE is app review marketing

    Find bloggers and social media influencers who have reviewed an app similar to yours

    Give them FREE upgrades for life in exchange for an honest review

    Buy backlink services to link to their reviews so your brand becomes more visible online

    You just need to find existing reviews of similar or niche-relevant apps

    If you don't have the time, you can hire a VA to do it

    You can pay by the hour through places like Fiverr or Upwork

    You can pay on a quota or results basis through services like Cognoplus or Conzultya

    The bottom line: building a brand by PIGGY BACKING on existing demand doesn't have to be expensive
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    If you want to increase app download through digital marketing there are two ways you can implement.

    1) Organic way
    2) paid

    Organic: You will have to do SEO for App. App store optimization that would help to increase downloads.

    Paid: Google ads and Facebook ads would help you to get more downloads with the conversion rates.

    I would recommend Use Facebook paid ads. Faceboo drive more conversion as compared to Google ads
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    Improve your ASO score, It will help you to get more organic traffic on your App.
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    Create ads on google and Facebook targeting the audience that will benefit the most from your app. Know the difference between the features of your app and the benefits. The features are what it does. The benefits highlight what problems the app solves. Focus your ads on the benefits and not the features.
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