Every newbie wants to ask these questions

by kaydee
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I have discovered that every new entrant into the IM biz wants to ask about how to get traffic to their sites and how to make sales, the best traffic methods, how to make the most out of being an affiliate marketer with affiliate networks. Interestingly most of the posts of newbies that I have seen asking about traffic have either been deleted or moved down the page. I would like to recommend that posts that contain information for newbies on how to drive traffic to their sites, traffic generation methods and how to star out as an affiliate or internet marketer should be stickied or made to remain permanently on the first page. This should stop newbies from making posts on how to drive traffic to their sites.


NB: However, I am a newbie and I need information on how to drive traffic to my online biz. I have tried to search this forum for posts that answer my question but I have not found any yet. So please house help me out.
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