Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

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We all procrastinate. We love to delay things, and when we do things we finish them at the last-minute. This works in different ways - some people are better at performing in crunch time. Heck, even the NBA calls it "clutch" where players like LeBron James or DeMar DeRozan or Manu Ginobili are lauded for performing better when a game is on the line.

Watch this TED Talk by Tim Urban as he talks about thinking harder about what we're really procrastinating on.

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    That's a new perspective. I never thought about the reason that's actually causing the procrastination. This might change my habit of doing things at the last moment. Fingers crossed.
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    An interesting perspective, and I'd like to do more "root cause" exploring of some of my procrastination ... but on the flip of that, I actually find it to be perversely helpful (if frustrating) a lot of the time. For me at least, procrastination is sometimes a pre-requisite of getting into the flow of things and cramming a day's worth of productivity into its last 3 hours
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    Another great resource on procrastination that really changed my view on it is a book named "The Procrastination Equation". It lead me to believe that my impulsiveness has a direct correlation with how I procrastinate! An interesting read for anyone that wants to learn a little more on the topic.
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    I'll get around to watching it another day.
    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in - Greek proverb
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    I think I am the subconscious busy Procrastinator...I do the preferred tasks.

    I like to play around with this to remind myself and others about getting around to do something..
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    Well this video decribed my life haha.
    At first in school I was the deadline procrastinator, I started to learn for a test the night before, and now later in life I became the no-deadline 'entrepreneur'. I'm really not sure which one is worse..
    But I work hard on it.
    It's really important to set personal goals/deadlines I guess
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