Brands hijack (and guilt-trip) our feelings

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Brands often guilt-trip us into making a purchase. Starbucks, for example, wants us to maximize their rewards programme by offering bonus rewards whenever we buy a cup of nitro cold brew coffee. Theatres offer free passes to platinum credit cardholders. Pedigree airs an ad of a pupper pouncing over a ball. Watch this TED Talk as Cindy Shelda, creative director of Vancouver design firm SWCA, talks about how F&B companies seduce us in groceries and spark a hisft in thinking around consumer choice.

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    Offering discounts and other tempting offers is a great way to catch the user's attention. People actually get influenced when big brands offer discounts or give them rewards for something. As more people are tempted to discounts and offers, this, in turn, help the business to grow. Good strategy I must say!
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    This is "no duh" Marketing-101 stuff that I learned in high school.
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  • Gotta hope sum time in the fyooture how brands hopin' to stay the distance will actively invite consoomers to be mindful objectors.

    Take plastic, for example.

    An' imagine this happened doorin' the ROMAN era.

    Tellya, those guys were real inventive, but what in hell might they have figured if'n they had plastic alongside concrete an' essential toga stylin'?

    Turns out ... it don't mattah.

    bcs Roman plastic woulda killed the seas earliah.

    Yeah, we mighta had 2000 years to recovah -- but that mighta meant Spielberg's first movie gotta be about a BEAR steada a SHARK, in which case ... possibly no MAVERICK WHIP-CRACKIN' ACADEMIC RUFFIAN!

    Sumtime soon, no amount of packagin' gonna save plastic from its intrinsic problem-generatin' prestige crown heritage.

    (Less'n we invent the aquatic nano-bucket/sieve an' deploy it strategically in sufficient numbahs.)

    Thing is, immediate availability so often comes at a cost.

    Test the efficiency of any rifle on your own FACE, likely you will concur.

    So we gotta get way more bitchy 'bout brand stories imho.

    Bcs nuthin' creeps out more than an anonymous & distant "personal touch".

    rn too many people pumpin' out the same kinda brandin' script.

    Reads like sugah. Tastes like poison.

    Soon we gonna throw our coffee in the washer an' our panties in the coffee maker bcs THESE PRODUCTS SO SURELY WHAT WE EVAH WANTED WE COULD DIE!

    Sorry to say, but the nomenclature of BRANDIN' is fast approachin' the ez access regurgitation of DEMENTIA imho.

    Storied out here!

    Wanna go home!

    Can my life plz be graced with more inherently transformative powah than I gotta purchase your Stereotypic Leech Persona crapola?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    I worked in a gas station and i discovered that this reward thing works well if your target prospects are low income earners. But for the middle and high income earners quality of service/product is what matters.
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