Just the other day, I was given the answer that I have been searching for YEARS now!!

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Just the other day I was randomly contacted by someone who follows me on YouTube. He has been following me for years now, and he has messaged me before telling me how much he likes my content. Just the other day, he asked if he could contact me so we could discuss business. I had no clue how this was going to go since I really didn't know this person very well, but I figured "why not?".

We talked for about an hour, and his primary piece of advice was something that I'm sure none of you have ever heard before....Ready?

The money is in the list

Mind blown right?!?!!

Ya I know you've heard it a bazillion times before, and so have I. Until this conversation though, I really never knew how to actually take advantage of "my list" (which is now around 8,000 people).

I literally have been making a living off one single product for about 2 years now, and after people buy it I have nothing else to sell them.

About 2000 people on my list are "buyers", and the other 6000 people have never bought anything.

After someone joins my website for free, they are sent an initial series of 4 emails. Each of these emails is designed to get them to buy my ridiculously cheap product for $69. If they don't end up buying within this initial series of 4 emails, then I tend to make a lot of sales by shooting out "holiday sales", which is where I knock 20% off the price. I do that about twice per year.

That is what I have been doing for about 2 years now, but I still never understood what this "list" was so valuable. I mean, ya it was nice for these holiday sales, but other than that this list just costs me money each month. I NEVER could figure out how this list was as valuable as everyone says.

Well, here is the big "aha moment"....

He told me that you have to build a RELATIONSHIP with the list. I've heard that before too, but I never really paid any mind to that aspect of it, nor did I ever consider how important doing such a thing could be.

He told me that I should place just as much priority into writing just 1 weekly email (or more) to my list as I do into creating a new YouTube video each week. He said that that simple act alone is the difference between a business that does "okay" vs a business that makes a TON of money.

I never thought of it that way. I only thought of it in terms of the initial 4 emails, along with the occasional holiday sale. It never occurred to me to shoot out awesome FREE content to this email list just like I do to my YouTube channel.

So the theory is that as the list continues to grow and grow, and those who are on it come to really get to know me and actually look forward to my emails each week, then I can simply "sprinkle in" offers here and there. Let's say that every 4th email has some kind of soft sales pitch, or a subtle mention of a product...whatever...

The point is that I have a means of directly contacting these people on a regular basis. If people come to recognize me as a value-giver (like my followers on YouTube and in my Facebook group see me), then they will continuously WANT to hear from me.

In moving forward, he said that I literally could create any product that I want, at any price point and a percentage of these people that I have an established relationship with will gladly buy it. He strongly suggested that I should create a product that has a $349 price tag on it.

So...value, value, value, value, mention of a new product (or existing one), more value, value, value, another soft pitch, etc...

It makes PERFECT sense.

He told me that with my following and consistency that I should EASILY be clearing $10K per month. He talked about that number like it was chump change too.

I'm SURE that I've been told this exact thing many times, but it literally just clicked for me the other day during this SUPER RANDOM phone call with someone from another country (he's been a member of my site for about 3 years now).

It was like a gift from the universe, or some crazy woo woo stuff like that .

Just figured I'd share!
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    One mail per week is not too much, but eventually you will end up without new ideas to send to your mail list.

    How should you solve that issue? By repeating same mails you have sent a year ago or?
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    • Originally Posted by getknow trading View Post

      One mail per week is not too much, but eventually you will end up without new ideas to send to your mail list.

      How should you solve that issue? By repeating same mails you have sent a year ago or?
      You can never run out of ideas for emails. Relationship building via email is not just about the product. You sell to people you don't know. You recommend to people you do. Relationships are built more from personality than presentation. My most persuasive emails are ones that have nothing to do with marketing, or business, or a product.

      Value is not only about teaching. It's valuable to me to know I can trust you. That makes it easier for me to buy. If I trust you, I am more likely to pay attention. That's valuable to the person who is being pulled all over the place by shady marketers, for which there are many.

      I witnessed two junkies running from the shopping centre with a plasma tv in hand; cable still dangling from where it was ripped out of the wall. They didn't steal it from a shop. They yanked it off the wall inside the shopping centre. That was hilarious. They could barely carry the damn thing and were closely followed by security.

      That was my email for the day.
      Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
      for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    Originally Posted by Bkelly301 View Post

    It was like a gift from the universe, or some crazy woo woo stuff like that .
    Sounds like it was. You should act on it.
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    That email can even be as simple as referring your email subscribers to watch your latest YouTube video. Or you can put the video on a blog post and invite your list to read the post.

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    I guess we know the answer to something for a long time already before we are able to understand that we know it thanks to someone else saying it to us..
    That sounded complicated but you know what I mean ..
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    I think he is right. He sw you sitting on a goldmine and decided to wake you up. If I were you I would take a step.
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