How to be a conscious consumer

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We love to tell people to support business, buy clothes, buy this, buy that. But this comes at a cost - waste. Think about it. We love fashion. I buy clothes so I can sport a new shirt colour when I come to the office. I buy a new pair of denims because the old ones are already worn. The world has a finite amount of resources, and we cannot keep wasting them in the name of fashion.

Watch this TED Talk as Kate Hall, ethical fashion blogger, talks about fashion sustainability and how we can become more conscious consumers.

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    Whatever we do has an impact on earth and the environment,if we make an effort to become conscious whether it is related to clothing or eating or anything at all then collectively we can save a lot of resources and reduce the overall garbage in the ladfills or in the sea.
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    If everyone is a conscious consumer then the world would a lot different than of what we are now. We as consumers have our own responsibilities, another thing is that we must make sure and think before buying anything. Just another tip I want to share, like when I bought my portable power station I have read a review and feedback about it to know which is best suited for my need. Hope that it will help you as well.
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