The mental buy button

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Ahh the buy button. That one requirement whenever someone wants to post a WSO. That final hurdle to finally getting the latest GPU you just bought online. But there's more to than just making a purchase. Watch this TED Talk as SalesBrain Chief Neuromarketing Officer Patrick Renvoise talks about his discovery of the buy button inside the brain.

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    Thanks for the great share.

    Any aspiring copywriter should definitely look into the science behind the buying impulse in addition to it's more frequently covered "art" side.
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    Wonderful presentation. He made me interested about Neuromarketing. I have already started to search about it.

    SEO content writer with a decade of experience. Learn more:

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    Application of science to marketing is a new concept that is yet to be understood by most marketers. How it uses brain activity to measure human being response is still a bizarre . The TED has indeed tried to simplify it.
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