A Formal Re-Introduction

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Hey Warriors,

I wanted to post my first post under this screenname and say hello and let everyone know that I was formerly under the screenname of drumula. I signed up for a name change on the OLD formatted WF forum and they changed to THIS format so I just decided to re-register under the nickname that I wanted originally.

Nothing sneaky...lol...just wanted to clarify and have it be here. The little bit of respect and integrity that I had under my OLD nickname is valuable to me and I don't want any acquisations about anything funny. So...I changed and that's why!

I missed the forum in the last few months due to sickness in the family. My step-son was diagnosed with a heart condition that could be fatal and everything halted while we fixed that. He's fine and 100% cured now so it went well.

Other than that, I look forward to being here and posting some more posts and gaining the insight that is available here by some of the most respected and admired marketers that the internet has to offer.


Craig Raphael
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