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It's amazing how in 1 minute a lot can happen. A spacecraft launched. A new phone model released. An NBA team eliminated from playoff contention. Damian Lillard scoring 61 points. A lot. There's a lot more happening in the internet minute as illustrated in this infographic from Domo and its annual Data Never Sleeps chart.

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    I was always curious about the breakdown of hours uploaded to YouTube. 500 every hour! Geez.

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      That's the craziest one to me too. I think a lot of folks don't realize just how massive YT is ... in terms of hours viewed, 7X bigger than Netflix (and certainly bigger than any 'traditional' television network!)
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      Originally Posted by JPs copy View Post

      I was always curious about the breakdown of hours uploaded to YouTube. 500 every hour! Geez.

      yep...but I guess 300 hours are censored a few minutes later haha
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    wow, awesome post, thanks

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    I've always wondered about some of these numbers. It really amazes me.

    It also highlights the importance of "big data" and all the analysis performed. It's really an amazing time to be alive.
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  • Gotta wondah tho ... for what end doth this miraculature thrust propulsively?

    When I zonin' out on sweeto chill in a Yogic flopout capacity, I ain't too concerned with any of this stuff.

    Neat infographic howevah -- love the colors an' the quasi-iris focus.

    But I suspect the people behind the figures are mebbe less razor sharp of drilldown pupil.

    Way too easy to get lost out there.

    tbh I would wanna ditz out on a weeny spidah crawlin' around on my ceilin' as I prostrate musself scenically & spirityooly rather than check the latest Kardashian Buttwobble Nooz bouncin' from outta my alerts like sum kinda Stephen King blancmange.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Your next story or video could go viral that's the power of using socialmedia. The possibilities are unlimited to expound learn and network in my opinion.
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    I ain't too concerned with any of this stuff

    Same here.

    Life is lived minute by minute - data is dumped. I agree it is amazing how MUCH data can be dumped online in a minute - the 'consumers spend $1 million online' did catch my attention.
    Remember all those times when you wished the weekend would last forever? Well, wish granted. Happy now?
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    Amazing..Thanks for sharing..
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  • This is a very cool infographic!
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    I have watched videos of a guy saying to put acid around your eyes to get rid of cholesterol deposits and another saying to get rid of your back pain to press your spine against a door frame. Now think of the other B.S. topics.
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    Very useful post i really appreciate thanks for sharing such a nice post
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    Who ever doesnt use this data is just missing out on so much inductive wisdom !! Why would you waste your energy in speculation when the facts( read "data") clearly show you cant get from A to B through this . Data driven action can be massively efficient as well non linear ( or exponential)!!
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    Was watching an old video of Jeff Bezos I think it was 1997.

    He was sharing the why he chose to create Amazon based on the growth of people using the internet back then and also why he chose that model because it was a market where he could sell so many different types of items....even tho he was talking about Books only back then.

    I am watching that video and thinking....currently richest in the world.

    He had no clue but he knew he was on to something.
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      As Peter Thiel says ,
      technology is doing more with less
      !! seems like we are doing a whole lot more in less than a minute !! lol !!
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        Originally Posted by Ankit Wcd View Post

        As Peter Thiel says , !! seems like we are doing a whole lot more in less than a minute !! lol !!

        Good point.

        But for every new technology comes with it people learning to exploit it.

        Would I ride in a driverless car? Sure as a hologram!
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    Google and Yahoo both had all the resources and forward thinking super brains but 2 entrepreneurs came up with the Youtube concept and got bought out for 1.65 Billion in 2006. Wonder if they have any regrets.

    Youtube generates 15 Billion a year.

    Those types of stories are just incredible.
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  • this is amazing!

    the internet makes distance closer but it makes our world bigger still!

    a lot happens in a minute, and because of the internet, we learn something from the other side of the world.
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    What would you say is the most deceptive platform?

    Ever go to YouTube and click a video that says a certain recent movie and they use the image but the movie is like totally different and created like before you were born?

    Some series only have 2 Chapters so far....but on YouTube there is a video image saying Chapter 3, 4 and 5.

    If you have binoculars you may see somewhere that the Title says one thing like "Official Trailer" but its Fan made after all.

    I think I found out YouTubes priorities...

    "We also don't allow content where the main purpose is to trick others into leaving YouTube for another site."

    I am keeping it light...I will not even get into bomb making tutorials. Or the T-Rolls.

    And that made me think of being "Rick Rolled"
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