Microsoft has a new dual-screen phone

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Image source: Microsoft

The dual-screen Surface Duo was announced in October last year, and will go on sale in September for USD 1400. Storage options are either 128GB or 256GB.

The two other dual-screen phones in the same range are the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. It's interesting to see how people will warm to the idea of a dual-screen smartphone, and more importantly - the flip phone is indeed back.

Chime in.
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    actually looks cool to me ... but, coming from Microsoft and running on Android, kind of skeptical it will get support from developers it would need to be *really* good...
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    what does this have to do with internet marketing

    1984 and Animal Farm are supposed to be WARNINGS not instruction manuals
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    looks not bad , but as for me always liked old version ... its takes time to check up smtn new and sometimes is useful and good sometimes not like that , so lets see
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    Very nice Looking Phone, Storage also enough.
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    Galaxy phone

    Interesting but not practical to make a call on, this is the one l would buy, (not affiliated).

    Folds up, and easy to put into your pocket, and well it is cool, (played with one before things closed).

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    I'd be much happier if they focused on providing me with a reliable, better signal, than gimmicks I have managed to live without

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    Which operating system does the dual-screen run on, Windows or Android? That's the tricky part since different people have different preferences when it comes to the type of OS to use.
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