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Hi everyone,

I have a real estate listing website that gets decent of traffic (enough to convert leads on an ongoing basis). It's been around for a few years and it's going strong.

Last year, we decided to pivot, and convert ourselves from a real estate listing service to a community, really focusing on bringing transparency to a horribly opaque industry. We want to empower users with access to information they need when they are house hunting, as quickly as possible, without trying to move them down a sales funnel.

The core idea is this: In the world of house hunting, there is a lot of public data, but you need to work with an agent (i.e. fall into someone's funnel) in order to learn certain facts about a house you may be interested. Just trying to learn something as simple as "can I garden in the backyard" or "can the kids play in the neighbourhood safely", which are the types of questions buyers really care about after they get access to the already commoditised data such as prices or square footage; well, it's like pulling teeth and horribly time consuming to get answers to such important secondary questions.

We figured out how to collect and serve that information, and it's already happening... And Yes, I know... It's pretty much antithetical to the entire real estate industry and how it operates - where everything is super sales driven. But we think, over the long run, this approach will bring a ton of value to the world and save everyone time, including real estate agents.

So... Two questions:

1) Is this the type of thing you would use in our own search and would it actually save you time?
2) What type of incentive would motivate you to join such a community and share information (about your property, about your opinions on a neighbourhood, etc.)

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    I'm not in house hunting mode at the moment.

    BUUUT, I would imagine that some would like the content you're providing if there is already traffic. I always go back to the IM basics. How about gathering your best 10 Q and A's and packaging them into a lead magnet? Are you listbuilding through the efforts you have right now?

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    How this software works?
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    This is a cool idea, although it's obviously no easy task to create an online network like this where utility depends scaled participation. Thinking about my family, we're already doing something similar to this through a number of local Facebook groups ("Upper West Side Moms", anyone? ... is it accurate to think of this as a more focused version of those types of groups? (or, perhaps a blend of local FB groups and something like and/or the City-Data forum in my home state of NY?)

    If so, I'd answer #1 with a "yes". As to #2, I like J.P.'s idea of chunking popular topics/questions together to further entice. A few specifics I'd personally enjoy on that front would include: "how (and why) to partner with *local* banks to secure your mortgage" and "hidden gems for parents of toddlers in my neighborhood"
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    customers relate to such businesses more that provide a personalized experience. I appreciate that being in a real state line, you are striving to address your customer's needs with proper research on their needs and matters.

    1. I would understand my customers' needs and demands to make my business more relatable for my stakeholder. I would save your time so whenever your customer would ask something like, "Are my neighbors safe for my family?" Being prepared in advance, you can answer them "yes" right at the moment while supporting your answer with justifiable research.

    2. Expanding the customer base with unique and personalized will give a competitve-edge to your business.
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    Most realtors connect the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system to their sites and most people can access that data base on their own. And then there are sites like Zillow


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