How would you turbo-charge an existing business by say 10x in 30 days?

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I\'m looking for some brainstorming ideas, and wondering what approach you would take on the following.

Let\'s say you already have an existing business (product/service) that is pretty much hands off (if you wanted it to be), that generates you \'x\' amount of dollars/month. (Let\'s say $1,000, and you really only need to \'work\' 1 hour/month to make sure it is still going smoothly).

What specific steps would you take to \'turbo\' charge that say to 10x the amount, say within 30 days? Saying \'rinse & repeat\' is not an option (because a lot of time/investment was made to get to the business to this point) -- so I am actually talking about a combination of increasing traffic/traffic generation, increasing close rates for existing traffic, and upsells for the existing product/service you have.

Which specific task(s) would you outsource, which would you handle personally, what shift(s) in thinking would you need, etc, etc, to get to that point? If you\'ve already done this, of course please comment, and if you haven\'t, still comment


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