What are "trackbacks" for forum posts?

by Josh Anderson 9 replies
When you post a new thread there is a an option below the wysisyg content box for your post for tags and below that for trackbacks.

What is a trackback and what does it do?
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    I think I remember seeing an explanation somewhere about that...

    I am pretty sure that there was a question mark or something within the
    posting section that you could click on and it gives an explanation.

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      See this: WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - LinkBacks

      That explains everything

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        Ok, so I see the explanation of what it does...

        But what is the benefit of enabling a site with trackback capabilities?

        Forgive my blogdumbness...

        But I am wondering what the benefit of having one site say "yo" to another site is?

        Is there an seo benefit? Is there a benefit to site vistiors?

        Or is this just a way for a blogger or poster in this case to notify another blog or originating site "hey I am talking about you" so that the site being trackbacked knows people are talking about them?
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            Don't know for SURE, but don't trackbacks act very much like standard links? They point to you site, and aid in boosting PR?

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              Not sure what it is used for in posts...trackbacks are pings for blogs...like if you post about something on your blog about someone elses it will ping the other blog owner and notify them.
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                Ahh nevermind...I see...it basically is nice for giving a backlink to teh forum thread...from your blog. But it will also ping back to vbulletin and probably log it somewhere that you gave it props. As for it's usefullness for the forum here itself on being notified that you made a blog post somewhere referencing it. I have no idea...
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                  Since we all know what trackbacks are now (correct?) here are the "benefits"
                  or at least what they're supposed to be. For me, the jury is still out on how
                  much trackbacks really do help you.

                  Let's say you go to a blog and read a post that you like and/or have an
                  opinion about. You can do one of two things.

                  1. You can post a comment about it.
                  2. If the blog supports it, post a trackback.

                  What's the difference?

                  Well, the comment, you have to write. Unless you've got canned comments
                  laying around somewhere (not recommended) So this is time consuming.

                  The trackback is just a link going back to your site with the relevant
                  info as pertaining to the blog post. (it is relevant, right?)

                  In theory, the reader sees the trackback and clicks on it to see what the
                  relevant post is all about on YOUR blog, thus bringing you more traffic.

                  I'm not sure if there is any SEO effect with trackbacks, meaning if you
                  have a lot of them, your site's PR and SE ranking goes up.

                  Anyway, that's the theory behind using trackbacks and the benefits of
                  using them over posting comments.

                  Hope this helps.
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        Thanks for the link Texas_Guns I couldn't find it using the search function but found this thread instead
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          I'll tell you what they are Josh - a big headache...a huge headache, a useless, massive headache.

          I'm disabling it from here. Although it was nice to get links from places like ezinearticles buzz page, the nice part is overshadowed by the spam. You think you get email spam? Try having a forum this size with every spammer blog on the net it seems trying to get refbacks. There are so many awaiting moderation that it is freezing the control panel up. 99.9% of them are from trash spamblogs.

          We can ban sites in the control panel but by the time you ban 50, 50 more identical to it send you hundreds more links you have to spend time moderating.

          Too much hassle for what it 'might' be worth...
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