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Prepared for the madness that is Cyber Monday? I mean, are you really prepared? Twitter just published some helpful tips regarding promotion in the lead up to Cyber Monday on November 30. The way 2020 has played out so far, it's been hard to predict what's going to happen next week, never mind in a couple of months. If you're looking to take advantage of sales over that period, however, it might be worth reading Twitter's top tips.

Get your advertising done early

Give potential buyers more of a heads up and create awareness ahead of the event. In the absence of physical lines outside stores, make sure you prime the public for what you're offering online instead - and give them plenty of time to make their mind up.

"Black Friday will look different with current social distancing and health regulations, so businesses may make Black Friday deals exclusively online - essentially turning Cyber Monday into Cyber weekend."

Sort out your inventory, do site maintenance

Twitter is also highlighting the importance of making sure you take a look at your website well ahead of Cyber Monday. Give it the once over and ensure everything is functioning, and update your product lines. There's no point getting buyers to your website and then coming up short!

"Consumers will start researching their Cyber Monday shopping list soon, so check that you showcase your best self online"

Use social media to get traffic

Perhaps not surprisingly, Twitter is advising you use social media to prepare for what's after all, going to be an online event amid social distancing measures worldwide. Take a look at your social media profiles and give them a tweak or update where necessary. Give it a push ahead of time, and try to increase your followers. Cover all bases, harvest followers where you can. Don't just rely on a couple of trusted platforms and branch out as much as possible.

"Instead of browsing through a mall, your audience will be browsing through their social feeds to learn about deals, products, and services. Start growing your followers and audience now, so you can have a wide reach when the big day arrives."

Pretty basic advice but solid and timely all the same. It's going to pay to prepare well in advance for Cyber Monday this year. If you'd like to read the original article on this from Social Media Today, it's here.
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    Always nice to have the reminder - thanks. Probably not going too far out on a limb to say this year's online shopping season will easily be the biggest ever
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