On Hostgator?...dropping in sales?...changed php code

by Jeannie Crabtree 4 replies
I have a reseller account on hostgator. Sales had been slow for me and getting slower.
I found out something yesterday that may be part of the cause.

I use php includes and have to paste a line of code in myhtaccess file. That information recently changed, I had skipped a couple sites in updating and so anything in the php includes was not showing.

Lol, if they can't see it, they sure can't click on it! You might want to check your sites that they are up and your php includes are showing.

That update was
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php .php4 .php3 .phtml php php3 php4 php5 php6 .html

Jeannie Crabtree
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    No changes, but I run my account a little differently, I switched over to
    PHP 5.25 some time ago, I know they announced, they were going to change over to PHP 5 earlier this year, so I went ahead and changed it over in my file system,

    oddly I did not hear anything further about it, so I dont know if they ever changed over fully to it or if it is still the same as before.

    Initially they said that they were going to make sure that scripts would not be affected by the change, they even said they would update scripts on servers to PHP 5, which I thought was very interesting.

    Since I have over 100MB of scripting on my server,

    (I kind of doubt, they converted any of them)
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      Jeannie -

      I posted the fix to this here a couple weeks ago - affected some of my sites, too, but a member here noticed it quickly and alerted me.


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      Do they send out notices? I don't think I ever got one. This has been the second or third time this year that the line of code has changed for me.

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        I didn't get a notice - just a PM here from a member who noticed my site didn't load. I had checked the site the day before so luckily caught it quickly.

        When I searched google I found a lot of info about htaccess files and php5 - just never paid attention to it until I had to!


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