Google is giving you new ad tools ahead of the holiday season

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Social Media Today reports about Google announcing some new tools for advertisers in advance of the holiday season. It does seem sort of early to be talking about it - yet, Christmas is only a few months away now - and can marketers ever start thinking about Christmas too soon anyway? Some positive news ahead of the rush is that, with more online shopping going on than ever in the wake of COVID-19, your options for gauging store visits just got better:

"Now it's easier for major retailers and chains to set up location extensions by selecting their store locations from a curated list from Google. In just a few clicks, choose the chain you want to promote to quickly create a location extension. We'll review to make sure the chain is a good match for your business using signals like its website domain and country."
But, that's not all! Google is also adding more sales filters before Black Friday, and has made Promotions in Google Shopping more user-friendly too:

"You'll be able to support flash sales and last-minute discounts with near-instant promotion approvals on eligible offers and easy editing of your live promotions (U.S. only)."
The way some consumers shop might change forever post COVID-19

That's all going to help with shoppers who do additional research online before heading out to physically shop in stores around the country. That kind of behaviour is likely to increase significantly, given the current pandemic and restrictions designed to control that. It's not only that, though. There's much evidence around to suggest that the extraordinary events of the last several months might change consumer behaviour forever - at least in some cases. If that's true, as marketers, we might need to take a fresh look at exactly how we utilize data to gain a bigger share of the market.
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    I have seen plenty of entrepreneures develop smart phone friendly weebsite. They are cognisant of the fact that t hings have changed. So shopping behaviour is gonna be different with or without Covid-19. Let's see how it unfolds.
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    i don't think so when things will get back to their previous schedule then there will be any change in the shopping behaviors of customers. They are looking out of their window to lead their lives as they used to do before the pandemic. let's see if there will any new problems or will we really need these google updates in the future?
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