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I have a group of 10,000 daily users to whom I can ask daily questions through a web platform.I would like to know if there is a group of 5 or 6 questions that I can ask each user and at the end I can make clustering of users, on general variables of any population.
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    There are probably many questions to ask

    They are your group so come up with the questions on your own, then post them here and ask for opinions and advice

    1984 and Animal Farm are supposed to be WARNINGS not instruction manuals
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    You have asked a difficult question. However, we wil try to answer if you gave us more info. let us know the niche you are in, the goal you want to achieve with the question and so on.
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    you didn't describe the niche of your web forum. as you didn't tell what kind of question do you ask from your users, right? So it is difficult to answer something about that right now.
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