How Important is Creativity, Brand Size when it Comes to Effective Ad Campaigns?

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A new article on Marketing Week reports that new research carried out by Kantar suggests marketers are underestimating the power of creativity when it comes to ads.

Results of the report point to the fact that marketers routinely underestimate the importance of creativity and brand size when they're looking at how effective marketing is. Seven thousand marketers around the world took part in Kantar's survey, and perhaps surprisingly, the majority thought 'multimedia' was the most significant driver of profit - with brand Vs
performance strategy and target audience in second and fourth place. Creative quality came in last.

Duncan Southgate, Global Brand Director of Media at Kantar said,

"Marketers generally tend to overestimate the relative importance of media mix allocation, balancing brand versus performance marketing, and targeting, while they tend to underestimate the importance of brand size, creative quality and budget setting across geographies and portfolios. To be fair to the Kantar survey respondents, this may in part be due to the levers which they are personally able to control. A media manager for a single brand in a single country can't do anything about brand size or portfolio allocation, other than to invest for growth so that the brand sees greater long-term returns."
Southgate adds that CMOs and media managers need to constantly monitor the effectiveness of their decisions around ad placement and investment. Perceptions of what is effective seem to be askew with reality. He says that, "this is the kind of research which makes people stop and think about the big picture. Everyone is thinking about their day to day - if you're working on a campaign, it's about making your ads as good as they can be and optimising your media spend. I hope this allows people to stake stock and ask, 'are people doing the right things?'."

This isn't the first time a large group of marketers has failed miserably at identifying the most important factors in constructing successful campaigns, and this article provides further examples. Why aren't media managers better at this? How can they improve?
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    I also think that marketing is continuously ignoring the skills of creativity
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    Those who ignore creativity follow old patterns and ideas. Marketing creativity is the engine of progress
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