How to close more with sales enablement strategies

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A new article on Digital Agency Network explains how sales enablement can turbo-charge your sales process and even save you money! It's a worthwhile read, and there are some good - and all too familiar points about out-of-date content. Ever tried to sell off the back of out-of-date material? Well, if you have, you'll know it's no fun - and not very effective either. This article explains how to start going about developing your own systems for sales enablement.

So what is enablement, and why does it work?

In short, it's coordinating the efforts you put into sales and marketing to avoid waste and improve how many deals you close. You can do this whether you're a one-man-band or a multi-national organization, and it makes a lot of sense. Not only does it minimize instances where you're wasting time pitching something that's past its sell-by date, but it gives you or your salespeople more ammunition with which to close a deal. That's because your sales and marketing efforts are more aligned, and thus, they enable each other to do a better job.

Basically, at times during the selling process, you need access to written material or other content - which usually comes via marketing. You - or your salespeople need to have confidence in that material and know it's both accurate and up to date - it has to be an accurate representation of what they're selling and what they can promise to deliver; otherwise, the work they're putting in is a waste of time. That's frustrating for them and you, and bad for your bottom line too.

Why bother with sales enablement?

If you still need convincing, the author of the article quotes a 2019 study which found that only 31% of respondents had a strategy for aligning sales and marketing efforts in use. Maybe not surprising, but what's eye-catching is that those who did have a decent enablement strategy in place also had a 27.1% higher win rate. Food for thought?
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